Tuesday, September 24, 2013

President Obama discusses Health Care with President Clinton at Clinton Global Inititiative 2013

Several years ago, Former President Clinton created a world philanthropy organization called The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), which addresses and looks to assist with the world's most pressing issues. Every year, Clinton joins business leaders, political figures and philanthropists from around the world for a week in New York City. These meetings and speeches are streamed live on the internet. Today, a week out from the official Affordable Care Act roll-out, President Obama sat down with Clinton to discuss all the provisions of the new law, how it really works and how it's really being paid for. It's an intelligent, truthful, easy-to-follow conversation between two of the most highly educated American Presidents in history. Think what you want about each man's politics, but this exchange between the two is not a political one. Rather, it's an educated one. Here's the nearly hour long discussion, along with a brief introduction from a woman who knows both men, personally and professionally very well, Hillary Clinton.

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